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Healthy living for the mind, body and soul.

Improve your life, naturally.

We want to help prevent illness before it starts, but if you are suffering from an illness already, we can help.  Thriving is about balance.  We know how to achieve it. 

We have searched for the best natural products that heal and protect. We make recommendations based on data specific to each person and their particular needs.

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The Foundations of Wellness



We examine the foundations of wellness and find strengths to build upon and weaknesses to minimize.  Think of the acronym 'SHINES'.


We help you find ways to encourage the body to adapt to various stressors.  We work to reduce the body's stress load allowing you to flourish no matter what the situation.


When hormones like thyroid or cortisol are out of balance, the entire system fails us.  Achieving hormonal balance is key to feeling good!


Low grade chronic infections like Epstein Barr or small intestinal bacterial overgrowths place stress on the body, and are major barriers to wellness.


We have found the best that nutritional medicine has to offer!  We also can evaluate the microflora of the gut, and work toward balancing it to improve your overall health.


A key to health promotion.  We will give you the tools to get your engines running and keep them that way!


One of the most overlooked opportunities to improve overall health.  Improving quantity and quality of sleep is one of our goals.

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